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I am Jennifer Keresztes, a multi-disciplinary artist working in a variety of media with an emphasis on using encaustic paint (pigmented wax) in both a painted and printed way. Using a heated palette, I melt pigmented wax to create images which I then print onto paper. Sometimes I enhance these images with other media or collage them creating layers and another dimension to my mixed media compositions which often have a soothing color palette inspired by the natural world. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!

Art and the Great Outdoors

Published by Artsy Shark, February 2017

I am excited to announce my work was included in an article that featured artists sharing their inspiration and expression of the great outdoors through their art. It's an honor to have my work shared amongst such beautiful art and talented group of artists.

Click here to check out the article and see all of the incredible artwork that celebrates the beauty of the great outdoors!

MANY THANKS to everyone that came to the opening reception or stopped by at another time to check out my solo art show, "Natural Worlds". I’m so grateful and appreciative all of the love and support!!

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