About Jen K

For as long as I can remember, I loved working with my hands to create and build. Connecting my thoughts, feelings and ideas in a tactile environment is magical to me. After many years working as a graphic artist essentially designing in a 2D digital world, I yearned to get back to creating art that had a more physical nature that engaged more of my senses.

Encaustic became an exciting medium in which to accomplish that. It provided a sense of playfulness, spontaneity and experimentation and could be manipulated in printed, painted and sculptural formats. It also added new dimension to my mixed-media work that involves the layering, texturing, recycling, destruction and reconstruction of a variety of media, forms and found materials.

That artistic process is a wonderful creative platform for the imagery I’m moved by...the beauty, patterns and visual textures found in the natural world. Rocks, trees, leaves and water often serve as my inspirations. My natural and biomorphic compositions reflect those earthly elements and often explore the notions of their growth, change, relationships, frailty and destruction.


I am a Los Angeles based artist that graduated from UCLA having studied both fine art and design (graphics, textiles, industrial and ceramics). I have also taken wonderful, inspiring workshops and classes in encaustic monotype printing, encaustic painting, printmaking, paper making and ceramics.

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